2016 has been a year of mashups in the technology space. While the enterprise software market witnessed some phenomenal upgrades such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud accessibility, Intelligent Applications and Systems, Smart Devices are more, Open Source Innovation took the commercial tool players by a storm and software testing to a whole new stance in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

We saw a lot of partnerships amongst the industry folks in order to enhance value for the customers. There also came in a lot of new entrants in the new age technology sphere and a bunch of established tech companies who revamped their strategies to accommodate more collaborative stabs. And the app stores also got flooded with ready to use inventive applications for individual consumers.


Can you think of the security risks and stakes that are involved with all these? Risks like app breakdowns and data breaches can cost exceedingly not just for the company, but more dejectedly for the users who trust these applications with their sensitive information.

Internet has a whole range of options and services for the consumers with various third party alliances. Failure is a big NO! Various industries spend hugely on software development, as there are high risks involved where the financial data is shared and used during the third party transactions.


What you need is experience, infrastructure, strategies and skilled resources to bring the effectiveness in the approach. However, choosing a testing partner can be a defining point for you, technically and financially.

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Let’s have a look at the various aspects from a testing strategy to a partner’s reputation while taking such a critical decision.


When choosing a testing partner, you need to pull down some key questions. Is the organization well-experienced? Does it have enough expertise? Do they have the basic client-communication protocols? What types of testing it does and how updated it is the technological know-how?


All at once, an updated testing partner should not only be aware of IOT testing and the emerging technologies, but also should know whether it is able to understand you and do the right things for your organization. Matching up your needs with the testing partner is a crucial and an unavoidable aspect.


Your apparent reason for outsourcing has been, to avoid building resources and skill sets when expertise is readily available, without training the resources. Your testing partner must have an experienced and astute team that is updated with the technology that you need.


Make sure that the partner can deploy the required number of resources whenever and wherever required, whether for mobile application testing or web application testing services. This will define the success for your project and the efficiency of the delivery process.


Cost is a vital aspect to deliberate; however, it should not result in hiring incompetent resources. This can lead to generation of the same costs or slightly increase the costs with no output. Hence, it is suggested to not rest your decision only on the cost factors.


Also, avoid players that give you the lowest estimations as compared to the market.

Reputation in the market

The relevance and credibility of your latent partner is absolutely crucial. Conduct some research on the company’s reputation and management in the market. It is wise to go with well-established players rather than small start-ups that don’t really have any clue on the work ethics.


Do some investigation on the awards and the recognitions that the company has received in the software testing fraternity. Finally, evaluate its client database and get a clue on its enactment and delivery success.

Ethical conduct

We recommend working with a company that values ethical conduct and exhibits a responsible attitude. While the partner may advise you on the right strategy, it must also stand by it in times of failures and issues.


Select a company that bears the responsibility for the output and delivers steadily.

Evaluate by your objectives

It is important to persistently look at the objectives your project or the business. The knowledge of the partner, reputation, work ethics, performance, costs, should be weighed as per your requirements.


You would be able to bring value and deliver market ready products and services only when the entire equation balances with your objectives.

Ask yourself questions like: Does the testing partner have the best testing labs? Are the communication lines open 24*7? Is the costing too less to believe in their capabilities? In case of a security lapse, what is their back-up plan?


If you are able to find answers for all these questions, then you are sorted and this could be a defining moment in your development process!

At BugRaptors, we bring you many benefits in terms of improved quality, speed to market and lower cost of ownership. Organizations today need robust applications and quality, but at speed. Outsourcing an important function like this to an expert testing advisory can work wonders.


We are a CMMi5 quality assurance company with an extensive experience in various testing techniques as a third party vendor. Want more insights? Contact us today!

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